Design Standards

(1) ISO8573.1 Compressed Air Quality Grade for General Use

(2) GB10893 'Code and Test of Compressed Air Dryer'

(3) JB/T 10532 'General Adsorptive Compressed Air Dryer'

(4) JB/T 10526 Compressed Air Dryer for General Use

(5) Q/H RS09-2012 'Combined Compressed Air Dryer'

Design Rules

(1) GB150.1-150.4 Pressure Vessels

(2) GB151 'Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger'

(3) Regulations for Safety Supervision of Fixed Pressure Vessels


Material standard

(1) GB699 Technical Conditions for High Quality Carbon Structural Steel

(2) GB/T 8163 Seamless Steel Pipe for Fluid

(3) GB713 Steel Plates for Boilers and Pressure Vessels

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