Compressor manufacturing industry actively adjusts its structure in line with the trend of developme

With the increasing investment in infrastructure in China in recent years, compressor manufacturing industry also conforms to the trend of development, actively improves the development structure, and advances towards the direction of miniaturization and environmental protection at a higher level of development.

Machinery industry is still the main market for compressors, accounting for 40% of total sales. Demand of chemical industry, electric power and other industries is also growing rapidly. In the power field, compressor sales are larger than other products. With the improvement of people's requirements on the use environment, energy consumption and environmental protection, the market space of compressors will gradually expand in the future.

It has subverted the tradition, stereotype and single type of compressor industry, elevated the compressor to an unprecedented height, and formed a unique product culture. The products tend to be diversified in style, simplified in shape and high-end in technology, gradually forming a global mainstream style.

When the environmental protection route increasingly shows its advantages in reducing costs and establishing circular economy, the compressor industry will face a green technological innovation. The research and development of new products will become another innovation achievement in the field of environmental protection. The starting point of the innovation of the whole industry will be to build the value of circular economy with green ideas. Starting point, will produce greater power to make our industry towards a healthy and efficient direction!

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